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Liposuction is a surgical cosmetic procedure usually done for aesthetic purposes.In general terms, it is called lipo and in medical terms, it is called lipoplasty, lipectomy or liposculpture suction procedure.It is specifically for the people who want to change or enhance the contour (shape) of their body and the body proportions as it is aprocedure to remove the excess fat deposits from the specific areas of the body.

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Areas that can be treated with Liposuction





Upper Arms




Thighs (outer & inner)



Calves (inner knees)

Usually, liposuction works precisely for those who have good skin elasticity, where skin molds itself into new contours. It can be done alone or along with other plastic surgeries such as facelift and tummy tuck.

Note: This is not at all a weight loss procedure or an alternative of weight loss. It does not treat lumps, loose saggy skin, dimples or stretch marks. It is not a substitute for regular exercise and a balanced diet. It is advised only when lifestyle changes don’t seem to help.

The techniques to perform Liposuction

Your surgeon will decide the most suitable and appropriate technique to be used. The choice depends upon the area of your body to be treated and the expected result of the treatment which must be realistic and the fact that you have already undergone this procedure earlier in the past.

The most common technique is Tumescent Liposuction in which a cannula (a thin tube) is inserted into your skin and then it is connected to a vacuum that suctions fat and fluid from the affected area of your body.

Ultrasonic liposuction (Ultrasound-assisted liposuction) (UAL)

Is opted in the cases where liposuction has been performed earlier. The surgeon inserts a metal rod under your skin that is energized with ultrasonic energy. The ultrasound vibrations burst the walls of the fat cells and make the fat melt away on contact for easier removal with suction-assisted tubes.

Laser-assisted liposuction (LAL) (Laser guided lipo)

The surgeon inserts a small tube that releases high intensity laser light under your skin through a small incision. The energy and heat helps to melt the fat and then it is removed with the help of a cannula, the same as done in tumescent.

Power-assisted liposuction (PAL)

This technique is also called powered liposuction. The surgeon uses a specialized cannula that rapidly moves in a back-and-forth motion. The vibration it creates allows the surgeon to pull out the tough fat quite easily and quickly.

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Liposuction in India

It is the commonest aesthetic process done in India. Almost 63% people have undergone this surgery as it is quite safe due to the ultra modern techniques and the well-versed, highly qualified and well-experienced insightful surgeons.

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