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DR. SHILPI BHADANI – The Extensively Skilled Cosmetic Surgeon for Liposuction in GURGAON

Do you aspire to own a slim and toned body? Sure, why not!

When you are fed up with your increasing weight and wish to regain your lost body shape, liposuction is one of the best alternatives that you could try out. Getting the treatment from an experienced cosmetic surgeon of the likes of Dr. Shilpi-Bhadani would be great in this context. With numerous liposuction surgeries to his name, he has helped countless patients to regain their beautiful and toned body.

Why Choose DR. SHILPI BHADANI for Liposuction in GURGAON?

  • Holds a consummate experience of eliminating unwanted fat from the targeted locations thus enabling patients attain an enhanced body appearance.
  • Have done all the possible liposuction treatments including Tumescent liposuction, Ultrasound-assisted liposuction (UAL), Laser-assisted liposuction (LAL), suction-assisted liposuction and Super-wet technique among others.
  • Is the member of several reputed plastic / cosmetic surgery associations in India and abroad.
  • Has gained accreditation and certifications from renowned bodies
  • The best liposuction surgeon in Gurgaon to enable you break free from redundant body fat.

Cost of Liposuction Surgery in GURGAON

Several factors contribute to the cost of liposuction surgery such as the choice of surgery, the extent of fat removal, the body location of the surgery, and more. Additional charges may incur due to the medicines, administering anesthesia, and so on. To sum up, it may cost around 50K INR to 2,50,000 INR to undergo this form of cosmetic surgery.

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An accredited facility would be ideal to undergo the liposuction surgery. This is where you can trust our cosmetic surgery clinic in Gurgaon. But before opting for the procedure, make sure to consult with our specialist liposuction surgeon about your concerns.

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