Essentials to keep your liposuction results permanent

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Liposuction includes removal of the excess accumulated fat in particular body parts that do not show any response to the physical exercises and strict diets. It has proven to be very effective with high success rates. With techniques evolving, it is becoming more and more accessible to everyone. But people fear if they gain fat again after the treatment whereas the real question should be, how to maintain the liposuction results permanently?

Gaining weight is a natural result if you avoid your body’s requirements for too long. Therefore, you can retain your results permanently after the liposuction by strictly following the instructions and precautions given by the surgeon.

Along with that, here we have given some very important tips recommended by our experts for long lasting liposuction results.

Essentials to maintain your liposuction results

1.Eating Habits

  • Keep a track of your calorie intake –

Surgery never assures that you can not gain weight in future so make sure you are taking the right amount of calories and incorporate it with your exercise.

  • Include more vegetables and fruits –

Make sure that you are giving your body enough nutrition by keeping a balanced diet. A good and balanced diet is the key to a healthy body that makes it utmost important for a liposuction treated person. Avoid eating processed and fried food and replace it with healthy snacks. If you drink coffee then you should cut down your caffeine intake too.

  • Eat at regular intervals and do not skip meals –

One of the major factors that contribute to gaining weight is skipping meals or not eating your meal at regular intervals. Disturbing your daily food cycle can even cause obesity in the long term.

  • Keep yourself hydrated –

Drinking enough water is essential for your metabolism and other body functions. Do keep a track of how many liters of water you are consuming in a day. If you don’t know how much you should drink, ask your doctor about it.

Exercising daily
Walking – You can start with walking daily after the surgery to keep your body active. Taking a walk after your meals would be more beneficial.
Exercising – It is necessary that you focus on your daily exercising goals. You can opt for a method that you would like and you are most comfortable with. If you like biking you can take your bicycle for a ride in the neighborhood. Also you can opt for exercising in the gym and lift weights. It will help burn those extra calories for you.
Be active – Make sure you are not sitting for too long. Keeping yourself active would prevent the accumulation of fat in your body as all your muscles will be active. You can start by taking a walk in between to keep your body active.

Living a healthy lifestyle
Sleep cycle – Your habits reflect a lot on your body and health. Inculcating good habits that keep you healthy is way more beneficial than any other treatment. One of the contributing factors is your sleep cycle. Keeping a fixed sleep cycle that is sleeping and waking up at fixed hours helps a lot.
Meal Habits – As we have already discussed, healthy snacks, more veggies and nutritious food will itself make you feel healthy and active.
Eating habits – Make sure you chew your food enough before swallowing it and do not drink much water just before and after your meal.

Don’t stress yourself

Stress can lead to eating disorders that cause excess calorie intake and eventually increase your weight.
You can try different methods to reduce stress by meditating, listening to music, inculcating a hobby of your interest, and trying breathing exercises to relax your mind.
You can indulge yourself in any activity that reduces stress as it can vary from person to person. You can go out, take a walk, enjoy a long shower or cook whatever makes you happy and relaxes you.
Experts recommend having a predictable daily routine and being consistent with it.

Last Word
Just following a simple and predictable daily routine for your food habits, work, sleep and exercise is going to put you in a better shape for a longer run. Forming good habits, following them daily and keeping in mind about the short term goals will put you ahead in your journey of a healthy life.

If you still have any doubts and want to discuss your case, you can consult our doctors anytime and get personalized guidance.

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