Reasons behind the popularity of liposuction

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Liposuction is a cosmetic procedure which is quite popular among men and women. More than 4000,000 people undergo some or the other kind of liposuction every year. In this procedure, excess fat deposits are removed through a thin tube (a hollow instrument) which is called cannula. A small incision is made and one end of the cannula is inserted in the tiny hole that is made in the skin and another end is attached to the high pressure vacuum (a suction device) which is called an aspirator. It sucks the fat and fluid from the affected and treated area through a controlled back and forth motion. Its techniques are categorized by the amount of fluid injected and by the mechanism with which cannula works. Sometimes, removed fat is used as filler for the face, lips or breast as well to make the specific area more enhanced and fuller.

Liposuction is often combined with many other cosmetic procedures like Breast lift, Tummy tuck, Gynecomastia, Abdominoplasty, Breast reduction in order to achieve the desired results of perfect body contouring. It has a specific term when performed along with tummy tuck it is called Lipotuck and when it is performed in conjunction with Breast lift, the term Mastopexy is used. It is generally done for aesthetic purposes and for enhancing body contouring.

Liposuction cannot be considered as a substitute for weight loss. It is advised only when weight loss programs and diet regimes fail to solve the purpose. Everyone has a unique body composition. Though having a normal body weight, people may have a stub

Reasons of its popularity
Liposuction is one of the top most performed cosmetic surgeries around the world due to several reasons as: –
Safety and minimum risks:- This is the safest procedure and it does not take longer which means quick recovery. You are able to go home on the same day itself. Moreover, there are rare chances of getting any side-effects from liposuction.

Minimum to no scars: – In this procedure, very small and less incisions are made which are further concealed in the inconspicuous area. Therefore, incisions are not easily noticeable. Owing to this, it does not affect the physical appearance.

Reduces fat production: РDue to the sedentary lifestyle in today’s scenario, people have accumulated fat cells to a great extent. In this procedure, Fat cells are actually removed from the body. Thus, it reduces the chances of producing more fat cells in the body.

Promotes collagen production: –Collagen is a protein that keeps the skin firm and wrinkle free. The techniques used during liposuction can stimulate the growth of this essential protein which will help to look younger.

Key to stubborn fat :-Everyone has a unique body composition. Though having a normal body weight, people may have stubborn fat in specific areas such as tummy, chin, thighs, and arms. This procedure can target that particular area and resolve the fat issues.

Satisfaction levels of the result:-It has permanent and satisfactory long lasting results if you maintain a healthy lifestyle. If you maintain a stable weight then you will have the same fat deposits again.

Surgeon skills and ultra modern techniques:-Surgeons are updating and getting the required training to perform the new techniques of the surgery. Now, laser technique is being used to avoid every possible scar and complication.

Achieving the goal and improving self image:-Liposuction is the easiest way to achieve the goal of body contouring and improving the self image which will enhance your self confidence and self esteem. It is not an alternative to lose weight, though it is an easy way to acquire overall health and a new look that you desire.

These are the specific reasons for the incessantly increasing popularity of liposuction.

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